In the Heart of a quiet and protected nature

Circuit of four castles
Several hiking trails leave Gimbelhof. The most famous the " circuit of 4 castles " allows you to discover the ruins of castles built between 12th and 16th century, ruin who(which) are classified historic monuments today.
More information Château du Fleckenstein

Iron mines of Notweiler (Germany)
The exploitation(operation) of the iron mineral in the 19?me century. It was one of main activities of the region.
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Four à chaux in Lembach
Maginot line Decorates with the Lime kiln built in the 1930s in 1935. Important underground network including 6 blocks of fight, power plant, turrets of artillery, inclined plane.

Swimming pool of Dahn (Germany)
Center of aquatic leisure activities for children and adults
Tel : (0049) 63 91 21 79

Distillery craft Hoeffler of Lobsann
Brandy of fruits and berries.
Tel : (0033) 3 88 80 45 79

Wine cellar of Cleebourg
The only wine cellar of North Vosges
Tel : (0033) 3 88 94 50 33

The house of the Biosphere to playful Bare Fischbach (Germany)
Tel : (0049) 63 93 92 10

Swimming pool of Dahn